Is Madden 20 Going To Be Similar To NCAA games?

We heard a lot of buzz going around whether or not EA is bringing back NCAA. However Madden 20 seems to be planting the seed for NCAA games in the future. Madden 20 added 10 big college teams to the game that you can use in Face Of The Franchise mode. Madden also is implementing Run, Pass, Option plays and is said to have added over 200 of those plays for Madden 20. This offense is very similar to how a college offense runs their schemes. With that being said, don’t be surprised if we see a read option and screen scheme being super effective and popular in Madden 20. This could be the year of the College offense. Not only in Madden 20 but possibly in the NFL as well. Don’t forget to check out our youtube for awesome Madden 20 tips, news, and updates that you wont get anywhere else!