Madden 20 is upon us and EA just revealed who the 99 overall players are going to be in Madden 20! One of the 99 overall players is Aaron Donald which is no surprise! Aaron Donald is equipped with 99 strength, 99 power move, 98 pursuit, 97 blockshed, and 96 finesse move!

Next We have Bobby Wagner who has 99 tackle, 99 pursuit, and 98 hit power! This guy is going to be a force fumble machine in Madden 20!The third 99 overall player to be revealed for Madden 20 is none other than Khalil Mack! Khalil Mack possesses 97 power move, 95 pursuit, 94 tackle, with 94 jumping! The fourth and final 99 overall player to be revealed was Deandre Hopkins! Deandre Hopkins has 99 catching, 99 jumping, 99 spectacular catch, 99 catch in traffic, and 99 release! He is the perfect wide receiver in all the important ratings having 99 all across the board.

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