Madden 20 Gameplay Review!

Madden 20 Gameplay Review! X Factor Abilities & More!

The Madden 20 Beta Code just expired on June 16th and we have a ton of gameplay to review! From my experience playing the beta choosing a scheme and picking your team takes a lot of strategy. Each team has their own superstars with abilities that you can effectively use during the game. If you like to throw on the run and run with the quarterback you have to take Patrick Mahomes! His ability to throw on the run is unreal! He can throw an accurate pass on the run and even make those tough cross body throws! If you like to run a more systematic traditional offense Tom Brady is the move! Tom Brady can make nearly any hot route in the game to any player on his offense! Not to mention Tom Brady also gets amazing pass protection from his offensive line due to his X Factor ability. The developers at EA really made a great game. This Madden was too much fun with all the amazing possibilities and animations that happen when playing the game. the physics are also a lot more realistic and feels more authentic than ever before! For an even more in depth review of Madden 20’s gameplay don’t forget to check out our youtube channel and subscribe as we are consistently giving you the best Madden 20 tips, and the latest news!