Madden 21 Franchise Salary Cap

Madden 21 Franchise Salary Cap

Salary Cap Space Gets A Major Boost In This Year Edition of EA’s Madden 21 We all know that salary cap space in a NFL team is very important It could be either make or break you in your franchise mode. It can also affect the synergy for your team for years to come. You do not even know if it will be bad or good. Some teams, like the Philadelphia Eagles, are in a horrendous cap situation. Especially going into year 2 of a franchise.

Thankfully for fans of Eagles and other teams in cap trouble, will be bailed out by EA Sports with a raised salary cap. The NFL’s Salary cap for 2020 is right around $200 million dollars. In Madden 21, our year 1 salary cap will be $210 million dollars. Inclining that you will be getting an extra $10 million to work with or not. It is all up to you. In last year’s edition of EA Madden 20, the salary cap over the the past 7 years have risen up by $29 million dollars. This year’s edition of Madden 21, it will go up by $59 million dollars over the next 7 years. Meaning that the extra additional space will get in your salary cap each year will be more than double of what last year was. A graph is shown from the article above. Below shows the salary cap had increased year over year in Madden 20. 

You can see from the chart shown, that in Madden 20, the salary cap climbs from $200 million to $229 million by year 7 and then it just flattens it self out for the time being. We are estimating that in Madden 21, it would go from the starting cap in year 1 of $210 million to a salary cap in year 7 of $269 million. Year in and year out, we can still expect it to be very similar to how it had been handled in past Madden games with the bulk of the salary cap had increased. While coming into future years 2 and 3 and then it slowly levels off after that point The takeaway for you is that if you are still looking to select a team in franchise mode. You might not need to shy away from teams that are in terrible cap space situations.

Always remember to be aware of the salary cap, but you might have a little more wiggle room space than you had before in previous madden games. Maybe not in this year’s Madden 21. You should ask yourself this? If you answer this and still need help come back to our future blogs. How would you feel about the giant increase in salary cap space in Madden 21 franchise mode? Does this impact all of the teams that you are considering for your franchise for Madden 21? I would love to get your feedback!