Madden 22 Pro

DamonTTP is very respected in the Madden community. He has been playing Football video games in the 80’s since Nintendo. He has been playing Madden Competitively since Madden 93 (Sega Genisis). Damon still has time and alot of passion for the game even with being a CEO of a multimillion dollar business. When society deemed Video games as a bad pastime, Damon was one of the only people to help fight for the video game community. Damon once quoted that “The forever changing game of Madden helped strengthen his mind to help build his multimillion dollar company”. With Damons winning mindset he will be lookin to take Madden 22 by storm!

Cringe Worthy Gaming

Growing content creator on Tiktok. He may be more known for his cod clips but Madden is Cringe Worthy's true passion. Has been ranked as high as number 2 on the top 100 leaderboard in salary cap, Got 12th in the falcons club championship in madden 20, have won multiple tournaments on Players Lounge, and was personally taught the game by one of the best madden minds to ever play the game. Whether you play MUT, Money games, or Regs I'll have you dominating the field in no time.


Madden 22 Pro

D3liveranc3- Meet the 3x Steelers Madden Club Series Champ! D3liveranc3 is super efficient and doesn’t make mistakes when it comes to his Madden game! Look out for him again this year as he is chasing that Madden 22 belt!


Madden 22 Pro

Pihcam was the Madden 20 & Madden 21 Patriots Club Finalist! With only two years competing under his belt he is going to make a lot of noise in Madden 22!


Madden 22 Coach/pro

lGot Em Coachl has been highly regarded in the pro Madden circuit for the last 6 years. Got Em Coach finished 18th place in the Madden 20 Classic bringing home a check and MCS points. He won the Game Sharks – Madden 19 Atlantic City tournament, has placed Final 6 in the Madden 19 Giants Club Series, Final 4 in the Madden 18 Microsoft Regional Tournament, and Final 16 in 2018 Madden Las Vegas Tournament. Got Em Coach is an aggressive offensive player who will tear any defense to shreds. He is looking to take a belt for Madden 22!

Madden 22 pro

Noonan is a 3x Club Runner-Up by placing 2nd in the Madden 19 Eagles Club, 2nd in Madden 20 Broncos club, and 2nd in Madden 21 Broncos club. Look for Noonan to make a splash in Madden 22.


Madden 22 pro

QcplayerQc as been a part of competitive madden since madden 19. Considered as the best canadian madden player in madden 21, he made a name in the competitive scene by being the Chicago Bears runner-up in madden 20, losing by 3. Qualifying for every event since madden 19, he played a lot of top competitive players and he`s getting better every year. Considered as an offensive mind, he`ll find the best way to attack your defense in the most balanced way possible in Madden 22!


Madden 22 Coach/Pro

Bobby V is from Philadelphia and was Final 4 of his Philadelphia Eagles Club! He is also an Air Force Veteran that is playing Madden 21 at the highest level! Look out for Bobby V to win a belt in Madden 22!


Big Kep -Seasoned OG of the game of Madden since 1991! Partnered twitch streamer who made a name for himself as such! Highly reputable and respected! Has qualified for online elims for clubs 3 out of the 4 years! Look out for him in Madden 22 as he is making some noise!


Queenjesss- Name is Jess, twitch is Queenjesss. From Chicago, IL. I started getting into madden by doing solos and sets in madden 16, used to hate it but the person who I used to date was always on the game so I figured if I cant beatem then join them type of thing then I started to actually like playing games online. Started my twitch when madden 17 came out and here we are today. Lol guess that can be a story for the women that are trying to get into madden 21, they can do it too. I do have one of the best wildcat offenses in the game going on 4 years now (even when EA tries to switch the playbooks on us) and one of the few women on twitch that madden is my main game and I love it. Part time streamer, full time job and mom. My twitch community is my 2nd family, if it wasnt for them I wouldn’t be where I’m at today!


Xperts Corner- is a Facebook gaming streamer and the voice of Da Dynasty a top PS4 franchise. He has been playing madden for 20+ years and has a passion to help others enjoy the game. He is most known for being the voice of the DML network on YouTube as well as the lead commentator for BGA sports!


Hello everyone this is Big Jason Gaming our gaming page is all about having fun positive vibes and the 49ers, I actually started streaming by myself things were slow going at first and one day I had an awesome idea to get my wife Nicole AKA Mrs Big Jason Gaming involved with the page by have a in person VS. Mode against Nicole the VS. Mode didn’t work out so well but people loved Nicole being involved with the page, so Nicole AKA Mrs Big Jason Gaming ended up being my in person moderator of the page which worked out wonderful and things started blowing up for us, that being said I love streaming and playing Madden 21 and I’m always willing to play anyone at any time just come over and hit that follow button to help us grow and let’s get a game in, hope everyone is staying safe and healthy out there!


Madden 22 MUT Specialist

$ ChaMoney may not look it, but he’s been in trenches of the Madden Gridiron since the early 90’s . Competing competitively in Madden since a teenager, ChaMoney has built a name for himself in the community. Why do they call him ChaMoney? He’ll take Cha Money! Online, in person, over the phone, however you want to risk it, if you’re up for a bet, put your money where your mouth is! Competitiveness is in his blood, he’s here to help you win, and bring his passion for the game to your fingertips. Being one of the more veteran Madden players, he takes a smash mouth approach in his techniques, and is not afraid to run it down your throat on offense, or shoot the gap on D. His play calling is so diverse, you won’t know what’s coming next. Chamoney is Our Madden Ultimate Team Source! Anything you need to know he has the knowledge going into Madden 22!


Noble Peasant is a content creator that uses YouTube as his main platform. His focus is on Dallas Cowboys Theme Team and helping viewers build their Mut Teams in Madden 22 through various methods.


Madden 22 Coach/Pro

Did someone say defense? Dotty is the definition of an elite madden player. With his defensive mind he placed final 6 in Madden 19 Giants Club Series. He has many online tournament wins! Look for him to make a lot of noise in Madden 22. He gets his name from the dots he throws all day long!


Madden 22 Pro

NickyG is known for his explosive offense. He specializes in running compressed offenses to flood the defense with amazing route combinations. He will be making noise again this year in Madden 22!


Madden 22 Pro

AROZO was always one of the best Madden players in the world, however when Arozo beat DubDotDubby at a live Madden 19 event in NYC, all eyes were on him. Arozo is a heavy passer and will be the first one to lets the points fall. Look out for his insane pass heavy offense in Madden 22!


Madden 22 Pro

Dakingg is a 1x Madden Atlanta Falcons Club champ and a MutHead Friday Night Football Champ! Lookout for Dakinggs lockdown defense in Madden 22.


Madden 22 Pro

Beachie has been streaming Madden for over 3 years and has been playing Madden since ’09. Made Top 10 for Bears Club in both Madden 19 and 20. He is looking for his first Championship in Madden 22!


Madden 22 Pro

AKG is an extremely talented Madden player as he is a New York Jets Club Champ and is looking to win another! Look out for AKG in Madden 22!


Hey everyone names Rich (Richkinqq)

I started streaming on Facebook & twitch about a month or so ago. My madden gaming started back when Madden 15 was out, playing here and there with friends and always trying to see who is better than one another. I branched out and started playing more H2H and I was hooked! I use the 49ers in Madden 21, hit me up say hi and if you want to play. I’m always looking forward to playing with everybody and see how far our journey takes us. Can’t wait !