With Madden 20 around the corner I want to break down my top 5 quarterbacks for Madden 20! The number one quarter back for Madden 20 should be none other than the G.O.A.T himself Tom Brady. Tom Brady is the best Quarter Back to ever play and that isn’t even arguable. Next on the List is rising star Patrick Mahomes. Patrick Mahomes showed some unbelievable talent this year and this is the reason why he is on the Madden 20 cover. Number three on the list is Drew Brees. Drew Brees had an outstanding season this year and I believe he is better than ever. Number 4 on my list is Phillip Rivers. Rivers was on fire this year and was a Super Bowl favorite at one point. Last but not least I have to give the 5th spot to Russel Wilson. Although the Seahawks had a bit of an off season Russel still showed his playmaking ability and can still get the job done on the ground and in the air. Stay tuned for more of our Madden 20 ratings wish list¬† and check out our youtube for free Madden 20 tips!