My Top 5 Running Backs for Madden 20

Madden 20 ratings are soon to be announced! With that being said I want to give you guys TryThisPlay’s top 5 running backs worthy for Madden 20! Number one on my list is Saquon Barkley. Saquon Barkley took the NFL by storm with his outstanding rookie season. He is number one on our list not because of his amazing season but his potential to be the best running back in the NFL if he isn’t already by the skill set he provides! Number two on our list is Todd Gurley. Todd Gurley is another outstanding running back the NFL has to offer. He is very quick well rounded back that can pretty much do it all! Number three we have Alvin Kamara! Alvin Kamaras ratings in Madden 19 do not represent him well at all. Alvin was assigned a speed rating of 89 with 84 awareness and 89 elusiveness. By no means is Alvin Kamara one notch faster than Marshawn Lynch. Alvin Kamara needs a speed bump with elusiveness because we have definitely seen some speed and and shifty moves out of him this year.  At Number four on our list is Melvin Gordon. Melvin Gordon is very underrated in my opinion. When Melvin Gordon stays healthy he is an animal on the ground and especially in the pass game. Finally at Number five I want to give it to Christian McCaffrey. This guy is very quick and agile and is a threat to a defense in the pass game. He has an amazing ability to get open and make big plays. Other Notable mentions are Ezekiel Elliot and LeVeon Bell.