Fortnite Improve Quickly Ebook and Video Tutorials

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Fortnite is not an easy game. If you are an above average or below player you will benefit tremendously from this Strategy Guide to build the foundation for you to improve quickly in the short-term and long-term and help you reach your potential! Coach Dody has been coaching Fortnite for over 10 months and has been testing and finding new ways to help players improve through a variety of means. There are tactics and concepts that will change the way you play the game immediately and will lead to you more success in the future. This product contains over 9 pages of text with everything you need to build your foundation of skills and principles and over 30 minutes of video tutorials talking through essential building strategies and concepts.

What is included in this guide:

Key Concepts and Principles ✅

Optimal Keybind Options for PC and Console ✅

Recommended Settings for PC and Console ✅

Detailed Video Tutorials On All Aspects of the Game ✅

Strategies For High Quality Practice and Increasing Victory Royale Rates ✅


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Fortnite Improve Quickly Ebook and Video Tutorials


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