Looking to move the ball easily through the air? Are you struggling to get stops on defense? Well, this Madden 20 EBook has it all!

From an explosive offense where YOU CAN CHOOSE to pass the ball every play, or mix the run in with the pass, this offense will help you score points at ease!

The defense is so good that your opponents will HATE playing offense against you! The choice is yours: Don’t get this EBook and be average on Madden, or, get this EBook and start DOMINATING all of your opponents!! You will be on your way to becoming an elite Madden player!

Featured Offensive Formations: Singleback bunch/wing flex close, doubles south, y trips, Shotgun bunch, tight offset te, trips te offset, AND MORE!!

Featured Defensive Formations: 34 odd, 34 solid, 43 under, 43 over, nickel 245, nickel 335 odd, dime 146 AND MORE!!

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JTibb’s Aerial Assault/Lockdown Defensive Madden 20 EBook


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