Damon’s Madden 20 3-4 Odd Ebook


Damon’s 3-4 Odd blitz has been good for many years. Now it is even better in Madden 20! This is the best Defense in the game hands down! This nano blitz comes clean and can sack the quarterback in an instant! You will quickly become an elite madden player with the concepts and plays shown in this ebook. Not only will you get in the Madden mind of Damon for this ebook but Got Em Coach as well! Got Em Coach breaks down his version of the 3-4 ODD and a full gameplay breakdown of him running the 3-4 Odd scheme. With both of these Madden minds combined in one Madden 20 Ebook, you will be on your way to becoming an elite madden player.

What is included in this Guide:

Blitz Schemes to sack the quarterback almost instantly ✅

Damon’s 3-4 Odd Breakdown ✅

Run Defense ✅

How to adjust coverage ✅

Panthers Depth Chart Breakdown for 3-4 ODD ✅

Got Em Coach’s 3-4 ODD Breakdown ✅

Full Gameplay Breakdown of Got Em Coach running the 3-4 ODD scheme ✅

Over 40 minutes of Video footage! ✅

You will not be disappointed with the pressure this defense puts on the quarterback in Madden 20! Be prepared to learn and become one of the best defensive minds in Madden 20!


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