Got Em Coach’s Madden 20 Dollar Defensive Ebook


Got Em Coach’s new Madden 20 Dollar Defensive Ebook is one of its kind! You will learn the best defensive adjustments vs the most high powered offenses in the game. You will have no problem locking up your opponent in this new Dollar defensive ebook. Learn how to stop escape artist by containing the quarterback in dollar. Dollar has been one of the most dominant defenses in the past 3 Maddens and it’s even better in Madden 20! This Madden 20 Ebook will instantly make you better and put you on your way to becoming an elite Madden player!

What’s included?

An insane never before seen Dollar A Gap Nano

The best coverage adjustments to lock up the most popular formations in the game ✅

Bunch Defense ✅

Trips TE Defense ✅

Split Close Defense ✅

How to stop an Escape Artist Quarterback




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Got Em Coach’s Madden 20 Dollar Defensive Ebook