JTibbs Tournament Domination EBook


Are you struggling to find the right offense to move the ball consistently down the field? Are you tired of not being able to get stops on defense? Well, I have the solution for you with my Madden 20 tournament domination EBook! This Madden 20 EBook has over 15 unique formations to help you on the offensive side of the ball and GUARANTEE you stops on the defensive side! You will be an Elite Madden 20 player by the end of this guide! This Madden 20 Ebook is based off of the Tampa Bay Offense and Giants Defensive playbooks.

Featured Offensive formations: Singleback Wing Stack, singleback doubles south, Shotgun Bunch STR, Shotgun Spread, Shotgun Flip Trips

Featured Defensive Formations: 34 bear, nickel normal, dollar



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JTibbs Tournament Domination EBook






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