Top 5 Quarterbacks In Madden 20

Top 5 Rated Quarterbacks IN Madden 20!

We are less than 10 days away from the Madden 20 early access and player ratings were just released! With that being said we are going to reveal the top 5 quarterbacks in Madden 20 starting at number 5!

  • Andrew Luck has a 92 overall rating giving the Colts a chance to become the Madden team they once was! Andrew Luck has 89 throw power, 96 short throw accuracy, 91 medium throw accuracy, 92 deep throw accuracy, and 93 throw on the run.
  • Drew Brees is tied with Andrew Luck at 92 overall for Madden 20. He is equipped with 85 throw power, 99 short throw accuracy, 95 medium throw accuracy, 90 deep throw accuracy, and 84 throw on the run.
  • Philip Rivers is rated at 94 overall! he had a phenomenal season last season and his player ratings show. Philip Rivers has 87 throw power, 98 short throw accuracy, 94 medium throw accuracy, 93 deep throw accuracy, and 82 throw on the run.
  • Tom Brady is the 2nd best quarterback in Madden 20 coming in at a 96 overall rating. This may be a shocker that he won the Super Bowl and is not the number one quarterback on Madden 20. However Tom Brady is still a beast. He has 91 throw power, 99 short throw accuracy, 98 medium throw accuracy, 89 deep throw accuracy, and 83 throw on the run.
  • Patrick Mahomes is Madden 20’s number one quarter back having a 97 overall rating. After all he is the cover athlete! Either way Patrick Mahomes is most likely the best quarterback in the league and the best 2nd year player ever. Madden treated his ratings well with 96 throw power, 94 short throw accuracy, 93 medium throw accuracy, 94 deep throw accuracy, and an amazing 97 throw on the run.

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